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Latreia Consulting


By identifying opportunities and overcoming challenges, Latreia Consulting empowers companies to stay ahead in a competitive landscape. With a collaborative approach and focus on tangible results, your Latreia team facilitates transformative change that positions clients to remain focused on achieving their most important corporate objectives. 

Client Engagement

Establish client contact and conduct initial meetings to understand client requirements and objectives.

Project Scope & Proposal

Clearly outline project goals, deliverables, timeline, and resources. Develop detailed proposals with cost estimates.

Project Kick-off

Finalize and sign consulting agreement. Arrange a kick-off meeting with key stakeholders and influencers for buy-in.

Business Meeting at Small Table
Business Meeting

Data Collection & Analysis

Collect relevant information through interviews, surveys, research, etc. Identify patterns, trends and insights.

Problem Diagnosis & Strategy Development

Identify root causes of challenges and roadblocks. Develop customized solutions and recommendations.

Solution Presentation

Create a comprehensive report with findings and recommended solutions. Present the report to the client.

Client Feedback & Revisions

Receive input from the client, identify potential impact on outcomes, make necessary revisions and secure approval.

Develop Implementation Plan

Create a detailed plan with steps, resources, timelines, and stage approvals as necessary to ensure excellent outcomes. 

Implementation Support

Collaborate with the client during the implementation process and provide ongoing guidance and expertise.

Collating Data

Evaluation & Review

Measure the impact of the implemented solutions. Hold a post-implementation review with the client.

Closure & Follow-up

Close the project formally, ensuring all deliverables have been met. Maintain check-in communication with the client. 

Client Relationship Management

Sustain a positive relationship with the client for potential future business. Secure solid endorsement & testimonial.

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Consulting Expertise

  • Sales & Leadership Development

  • Process Optimization

  • Change Management

  • Content Development & Deployment

  • Learning & Development Augmentation

  • Human Resources Support

  • Corporate Culture Enhancement

  • Executive Coaching 

  • Let's discuss special situations or other issues to be addressed

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