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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Our Story

Latreia Coaching & Consulting was founded by an insatiable desire to invest in the lives of others and help them achieve an extraordinary life. With a focus on understanding individual goals and dreams, the team is committed to helping professionals plot a course to reach their destination.

Let the journey begin!


Our mission is to engage, equip and inspire professionals to thrive by challenging their status quo. The desired result is living out their personal and professional lives with purpose.


Our vision is to create environments where professionals can discover the secrets to extraordinary success.

Cracked Concrete Wall


  • We build trust

  • We clearly communicate

  • We cultivate transformation

  • We make values-based decisions

Core Values

  • Accountability

  • Commitment

  • Courage

  • Growth-mindset

  • Excellence

  • Innovation

  • Relationship

  • Relevance

Meet The Executive Team

  • 30+ year veteran in the mortgage industry

  • Sales & leadership coach for 20+ years

  • Executive leader in the mortgage industry

  • Entrepreneur and business owner for 10+ years

  • Husband of 30 years & proud dad of 2 daughters

  • Coffee aficionado and backwoods enthusiast


Paul has a passion for understanding the goals and dreams of those he encounters and is relentless in helping them set a course to fulfill them.

A team decades in the making, we offer experience, wisdom and passion to professionals ready to build a thriving mindset.

  • 30+ year veteran in real estate & mortgage

  • Professional presenter, trainer & coach

  • Rain-maker entrepreneur for 20+ years

  • Influencer, leader & master networker

  • Husband of 28 years & proud dad of 2 sons

  • Avid marathoner, golfer & Harley Davidson cruiser

J.A. brings wise insight to help individuals achieve well-being in five areas of life. He is passionate about helping people live their very best lives. 

Let's Connect on Social

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Let's Connect on Social

  • LinkedIn
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  • YouTube
  • 40+ year veteran in leadership & strategy

  • Seasoned coach to high achiever loan officers

  • Master presenter to various industry verticals

  • Specialist in start-ups, rescues & scale-ups

  • Serial entrepreneur with keen busy savvy

  • Husband of 27 years, dad of 5, grandad to 8

Steve brings endless energy and passion to help individuals achieve breakout results. With a laser focus on strategy and execution, his clients thrive.

  • 25+ years in mortgage and exec. leadership

  • Executive leader, Executive coach

  • Change Management Specialist & Six Sigma BB

  • Sales Enablement Professional (SaaS)

  • MS Industrial Psychology

  • Proud wife & chocolate lab mom

Angela has incredible width and depth of knowledge and experience in many fields. Her keen acumen and insights help executives achieve high impact results.

Let's Connect on Social

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Let's Connect on Social

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  • YouTube
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