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The Latreia Coaching Experience

Our coaching platform brings key elements together in a systematic format regardless of individual production level. This focus creates an environment that optimizes the client's journey to achieve life-changing results. Latreia brings the art and science of coaching together into a transformational experience. 

How is Latreia Coaching Different?

We engage our clients to evaluate about their lives and then challenge them to set a course to realize the fulfillment of their potential. With consistent engagement, thought-provoking exercises and courageous dialogue, we want our clients to believe they can achieve extraordinary results. 


Thought Provoking Engagements

Challenging the current mindset to passionately pursue performance excellence

Prescriptive Roadmap

Following a progressive pathway to maintain momentum and create the expectation of success

Collaborative Community

Highly Relational

Leveraging the power of the many to pull the one to the next level of achievement

Creating environments for connection ensuring a kindred committed to mutual success

Consistent Execution

Defining and measuring the right activities to ensure the right target outcomes

Integrated Focus

Bringing all components of one's life into the discussion to ensure an intentional focus on balance and fulfillment

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Latreia ICE System



  • Crews of 3-4 members

  • 15-minute guided training sessions

  • Topics based on cohort skill level

  • Instruction led by coaches



  • 5-minute key-point takeaway discussion

  • 20-minute general business roundtable

  • 15-minute expectations review

  • 5-minute commitments & goals capture



  • Review wins & obstacles

  • Review metric performance against goal

  • Strategize on execution 

  • Establish new commitments & goals

Creative Office



Transformational Coaching

Instruction - focused learning on topics related to key activities


Collaboration - guided interaction to deepen understanding and application


Expectation - transparent accountability to support consistent execution


Integrated Community

Group Coaching - crews of 3-4 members with similar production levels


Community Forum- community support and mutual encouragement


Live Events - quarterly and annual gatherings to sharpen skillsets


Skills Based Reinforcement

Weekly - short messages to inspire, encourage, enlighten and challenge


Bi-weekly - podcasts on relevant topics, tactics, questions and insights


Monthly - virtual live sessions, discussions, interviews and presentations


LatreiaCare Support

Coaching on Demand - coaching in the moment for the moment


Strategy Reviews - when it takes more than a call to prepare for opportunity


Exploratory Sessions - spending the time to get back on the right track


Business Metrics

Define Primary/Stretch Goals - prescriptive growth in the short and long term


KPM Tracking - measuring the right activities leads to the right outcomes 


ROI Validation - there are no shortcuts to success, we validate results

Our Technology Platform

Latreia Coaching purposely focuses on integrating simple-to-use technology as a key component of its coaching platform. The Latreia Coaching Dashboard gives clients a central location to access an ever-growing treasure trove of their coaching experience. Accessible by any electronic device, clients now have everything they need to continue their professional development.



The dashboard gives clients easy access to all of their coaching tools. The overview page provides clients with a quick summary of what's next in their coaching journey as well as easy access to resources, notes, classes, and performance metrics.



Clients receive links via email or text to complete various worksheet exercises to help define high-value goals and focus on business-building activities. Within a few minutes, worksheets can be completed that help professionals channel their energy to build a lasting impact on productivity and success.



Upon completion of activity worksheets, performance metrics are piped to graphs that visually represent client performance. At a glance, clients and stakeholders alike can see the impact business activity drivers have on opportunities and outcomes. 



Clients are enrolled in one of several different programs offered by Latreia Coaching. Each course, delivered through the client coaching portal, prescribes daily or weekly activities

designed to help sales professionals reach their business goals. Latreia coaches are highly engaged and interact with clients regularly throughout their coaching journey.

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