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Strategic Partnerships

Latreia Coaching & Consulting LLC has built strategic partnerships in order to provide you with the most value and opportunity possible. Not only do you gain alternate access to these incredible resource companies, but Latreia Coaching's expertise can help you maximize their benefit in your business! 

Contact Latreia Coaching to learn more about each of these incredible partnerships and how they benefit you or your organization. Programs can be used independent or incorporated in tandem with your Latreia Coaching program. 

HomeScout is a lender-centric platform and suite of solutions dedicated to increasing production while also helping to reduce the cost per funded loan for the mortgage industry. Built by industry veterans, HomeScout provides leading edge technologies that empower mortgage lenders to bolster mortgage pull-through rates, grow revenue reduce costs, and increase portfolio retention rates. 

From contact to conversion, HomeScout provides an exceptional one-stop solution for mortgage professionals to optimize relationships with their sphere, prospects, and past clients. The robust HomeScout offering includes branded property search sites, automated home value and neighborhood reports, back-office contact and lead management tools, a real estate search and financial fitness app, lead generation tools, data solutions, and concierge solutions.  

The 7 Minute Life will help you unlock your purpose, potential, and passion to transform your professional and personal life. Focusing on activities that capture your attention and excites your soul gives you boundless energy and provides a new sense of meaning and fulfillment. Latreia Coaching can now help you become intentional about these activities and make them a consistent part of your daily life. Now is the time to proactively determine where your focus will be and how you will live the rest of your life. 

HomeTraq offers clients on-demand showings without the hassles. In the same way you use Uber of Lyft to quickly find a driver to get a ride, house hunters use HomeTraq to quickly find agents to easily schedule a home showing in an average of 3-5 minutes. There's no hassle, no obligation, no commitment and no solicitation. And get home shopping alerts directly to your inbox. Home Showings are sent to your inbox immediately - finally putting lenders in the offensive position to win mortgage business. 

MBS Quoteline delivers real-time mortgage-backed securities prices live, right as trades happen. Get up-to-the minute market news and analysis as events occur, and ongoing mortgage rate trends, all sent straight to your computer, mobile device, tablet or email. Our Economic Calendar keeps you on top of current economic releases. Stay plugged in, in real time, to mortgage rates and MBS trading updates, know in advance when investors will reprice, make the right lock/float decisions, impress customers, and earn more referrals. 

Live MBS Pricing | Live MBS Market Analysis | Live Treasury Data | Real-time Charts | Secondary Package | MBS Composite Pages

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