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Latreia Coaching Agreement


Once fees are paid and client enters the program, acceptance of this agreement is understood regardless of the presence of any other acknowledgement. 

What you can expect of Latreia


At Latreia Coaching, serving our members is our sacred duty. You can expect unparalleled care and attention to your professional and personal goals along with our commit to challenge your status quo to help you thrive. Our deepest desire is to see you live your life with purpose and fulfillment.


With this in mind, you can expect from us: (1) thought provoking engagements; (2) a collaborative community; (3) a prescriptive roadmap; (4) expectations of consistent execution; (5) highly relational coaches; and (6) an integrated focus through the Latreia experience.


As a member of the Latreia Coaching community, you will receive a transformational coaching experience through the Latreia ICE Coaching System, regular skills-based reinforcement, an ever expanding integrated community, LatreiaCareTM support, and a consistent focus on your business metrics.

What Latreia expects of you


Your enrollment in the Latreia Coaching program represents a substantial investment of time, effort, and financial resources. We are confident that your Latreia Coaching experience will result in a tangible ROI as well as additional intrinsic benefits. In order to assure this is the outcome we mutually agree is essential, as well as protecting the entire Latreia community, you agree to the following conditions as a pre-requisite of entering the community.


1. I agree privacy, transparency and mutual encouragement is key to a successful coaching experience. To protect this, I will not solicit, encourage, suggest, hint, or make any type of remarks that could be construed directly or indirectly as a solicitation of employment opportunity elsewhere. This includes any defamatory remarks about any company regardless of the presence of any representatives of that enterprise including any references concerning compensation structure.  


2. I understand I will be placed in a crew of 2-4 members (unless enrolled in the 1-1 program) with other professionals who are at a similar skill & production level. I agree to be respectful and will keep personal or sensitive information shared during coaching sessions completely confidential (i.e., only with members within the crew). It is understood that on occasion crews of similar levels may be combined if necessary and acceptable by all members. 


3. I acknowledge that the first and last month’s program fees are due prior to the start of the program. I also acknowledge that once the initial fee has been paid, no refunds will be issued after 48-hours. The remaining monthly fees are due the first of every month until current subscription is paid in full and is non-refundable once paid. Fees will be collected via the Latreia Online Coaching Portal. Fees must be current to stay in the program.  


4. I understand Latreia offers other programs, classes and services that may fall outside the primary program I am enrolled in. If I opt in to participate, I understand there may be additional charges and agree to pay those fees separately as necessary.  

Attendance Policy 


Because of the value of group collaboration and accountability being a key to success, coaching members are expected to attend as many sessions as possible (no make-up sessions will be available – recorded or otherwise). We realize you may have a scheduled business conflict from time to time that is unavoidable (e.g., mandatory company meeting/training). If this occurs, we request that you notify your coach of the anticipated scheduled conflict at least 24 hours in advance. Missing more than 3 scheduled sessions may result in being removed from the program.  

If a significant life event outside the member’s control causes major disruption in that member’s ability to participate, arrangements may be made to pause the program (up to 60-days). Refunds will not be issued but credit for the month paid will be given. If a leave of absence starts before the 15th of the month, member will receive full month credit. Once member resumes the program, the fees will resume until the subscription is paid in full.


In the unlikely event a member wishes to cancel, it is requested the member have a transparent discussion with their coach indicating their intention and reasoning behind the request. Fees paid will not be refunded but every accommodation possible will be afforded depending on circumstances.  


Ample opportunity was provided for me to ask questions about any and all aspects of this agreement. I accept all terms and conditions without reservation and blatant violation of these conditions may result in my dismissal.  

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