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Our Team

Latreia Coaching & Consulting was founded by an insatiable desire to invest in the lives of others and help them achieve an extraordinary life. With a focus on understanding individual goals and dreams, the team is committed to helping professionals plot a course to reach their destination. Let the journey begin!

J.A. Dava, Co-founder, 
Sr. Coach & Consultant

 30+ year veteran in real estate & mortgage

 Professional presenter, trainer & coach

 Rain-maker entrepreneur for 20+ years

 Influencer, leader & master networker

 Husband of 28 years & proud dad of 2 sons

 Avid marathoner, golfer & Harley-Davidson cruiser

 J.A. brings incredible insight to helping individuals achieve well-being in five areas of life. He is passionate about helping people live their very best life. 

Paul Waldrop, Co-founder,
Sr. Coach & Consultant

30+ year veteran in mortgage industry

Sales & leadership coach for 20+ years

Executive leader in mortgage industry

Entrepreneur & business owner for 10+ years

Husband of 30 years & proud dad of 2 daughters

Coffee aficionado & backwoods enthusiast

Paul has a passion for understanding the goals and dreams of those he encounters and is relentless about helping them set a course to fulfill them. 

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