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Are you ready to get started?

We are thrilled that you are considering Latreia Coaching as your trusted partner on this journey. We know how important this decision is and don't take it lightly. As you have discovered in your research, at Latreia Coaching, we see our members as our sacred duty to serve. To ensure this is the best fit for you, we are asking you to complete the following steps to confirm you've made the right decision. We take nothing for granted and want this to be the best coaching experience of your life. 

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Step 1

Do your research

It is important to know your partner. We are an open book and invite you to thoroughly review each page of our website. Be sure to download the brochure found in this section. 

Step 2

Got questions? Give us a call!

We want to answer any questions you may have about Latreia Coaching. If you can't find the answer on the website or in the brochure, give us a call. We are eager to speak with you! You can find our contact information on the Home page of this website or directly below. You can also chat with us by clicking the blue chat box found on every page. 

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Step 3

Review Latreia Training Agreement

We take coaching very seriously. Our clients are our sacred duty. The agreement outlines what you can expect from your coaches and what your coaches expect from you. When working in harmony, you will get the results you are seeking. You can view the agreement directly from this section. 

Step 4

Submit Latreia Coaching Intake Form

This activity will take about 15-20 minutes to complete. We ask that you take your time and complete it thoroughly. This will help us determine your best path forward into the program. Once submitted, please give us up to 72-hours to respond. We will schedule a call to complete the interview process. 

Note: Submission does not guarantee acceptance into the

coaching program. 

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