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The Latreia Coaching Experience

Our coaching platform brings key elements together in a systematic format regardless of individual production level. This focus creates an environment that optimizes the client journey to achieve life-changing results. 

Latreia Coaching uses an online performance portal to host sessions, take notes, track performance and log commitments & goals. Member can access the portal 24/7 from any device. 

Latreia ICE System

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  • Crews of 3-4 members

  • 15-minute guided training sessions

  • Topics based on cohort skill-level

  • Instruction led by coaches

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  • 5-minute key-point takeaway discussion

  • 20-minute general business roundtable

  • 15-minute expectatopm review

  • 5-minute commitments & goals capture

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  • Review wins & obstacles

  • Review metric performance against goal

  • Strategize on execution 

  • Establish new commitments & goals

The Coaching Elements

Vocational Well-being

For business professionals seeking to shake up their current routines for breakout performance. 

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